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ChemDraw freeChemDraw is a leading chemistry molecules drawing software. ChemDraw is easy to use and best software for drawing a molecule structures and finding stereochemistry of the molecules.

There are two types of ChemDoodle Web Sketchers, the Full Sketcher and the Single Molecule Sketcher. You can choose either above in this demo. Based on the interface, you may be using one or the other or both. The Full Sketcher allows for the creation of multiple chemical structures, shapes and figures. The Single Molecule Sketcher provides a streamlined interface for drawing a single molecular structure.

If you are developer and would like to learn how to install this sketcher, please refer to the SketcherCanvas documentation.

The buttons presented on top of the sketcher provide functionality as described by the following list. It should also be noted, that in all states, the user can use the mouse wheel to scale the sketcher rendering. Users can also click and drag on the background, with nothing hovered, to move the entire molecule. If the

key is held while dragging the background, the entire molecule will be rotated. Double-clicking on the background will center the molecule.

Lasso – Puts the sketcher into lasso mode. You can select content by pressing down and dragging to surround it. The lasso tools are modeled after ChemDoodle desktop and are only available in the Full Sketcher.

Lasso (shapes only) – Puts the sketcher into lasso mode, but only shapes can be selected. You can select content by pressing down and dragging to surround it. The lasso tools are modeled after ChemDoodle desktop and are only available in the Full Sketcher.

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ChemDraw Pro 11.0.1
–Современная версия
шаблонов химических структур.и множествоизвестная программа, позволяющая построить любые химические структуры. Содержит встроенную таблицу Менделеева
(см. ниже). Изменить тему можно в параметрах программы.ISIS/Draw, напоминающий известную программуDraw Style_I), в том числе
имеет несколько стилей визуального оформления (так называемые Pro

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стиль)XP-Манифест (визуальный

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  • Подключаемый модуль для браузера ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Pro.

  • Инструментарий разбиения фрагментов масс.

  • Модуль визуализации структур Structure Perspective Tool.

  • Модуль для работы с пластинами тонкослойной хроматографии TLC Plate Tool.

  • Модуль ChemProp/Draw.

  • Модуль ChemSpec.

  • Модуль визуализации структуры полимеров Polymer Draw.

  • Модуль очистки структур Structure CleanUp.

Chemical names, formulas, molecular weights, and other physical properties added to the document are “live”, and will now update automatically as modifications are made to structural diagrams.

Allows specification of relationships between groups of stereocenters smaller than an entire molecule.

Change the center of rotation using adjustment handle on the Lasso and Marquee tools. Rotation will now be centered on the selected origin.

Draw molecules or reactions in ChemDraw and submit them as queries direct to SciFinder® without needing to cut and paste. Requires a separate license to SciFinder®.

Draw peptide or nucleotide sequences using using 1 and 3 letter codes. The atoms are labeled with amino acid or nucleotide nicknames. The sequences can be expanded and contracted.

Identifies stereocenters using Cahn-Ingold Prelog rules.

Automatically track and update stoichiometry data for any user-defined chemical reaction.

Download ChemDraw Free Pro 8.0 full version with product key and serial number from following download link. These download links are tested personally and found viruses and spam free.

Modifier shortcuts are executed by holding down the system meta key, which is ctrl on Windows and Linux and command on Mac OS X.

a Selects all content in the Full Sketcher.
n Clears the sketcher, leaving a lone carbon atom.
o Pops up a window to load a chemical file.
s Pops up a window to save the structure in the sketcher in a chemical format.
y Redoes the last undone action.
z Undoes the last performed action.
+ Zooms in.
- Zooms out.

When Atoms are Hovered

When an atom is hovered, the following shortcuts will be active. An atom is hovered if the mouse is close enough to the atom such that the atom is surrounded by an amber circle.

Alphabet Cycles the hovered atom’s label through the element symbols that begin with that letter of the alphabet.
Digits Adds a carbon chain with length equal to the digit pressed in the most optimal orientation. The 0 key will add a chain of length 10.
Shift+Digits Adds a ring with number of sides equal to the digit pressed (3+) in the most optimal orientation.
Delete/Backspace Removes the hovered atom and any attached bonds and any small attached bonds. Leaves the largest fragment remaining in the Single Molecule Sketcher.
+/- Increase/Decrease the charge amount of the atom.

When Bonds are Hovered


Бесплатный редактор химических формул. По удобству и возможностям сопоставим с ChemDraw. Конвертирует нарисованные двумерные структуры в трехмерные (благодаря встроенной молекулярной механике). В пакет программ MarvinBeans также входят: MarvinView – программа для просмотра двух- и трехмерных химических структур, MarvinSpace – программа для 3D-визуализации молекул и MolConverter – конвертер химических форматов.

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Русификатор MarvinSketch 5.2.4 (20 Кб)  
43 Мб
(*.exe) - - скачатьfor Windows
MarvinSketch 5.2.4

 ChemPaster 2.1(ShareWare)

 ChemPaster 2.1(ShareWare)

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