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Exchange Online Kiosk vs Exchance Online 1 | Email and calendar

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I’ll answer the questions one by one:


Exchange Online


Exchange Online

(Plan 1)

Exchange Online

(Plan 2)

Mailbox size

500 megabytes (MB)

+ more organised

+ less paperwork

Office Online: Create and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote files


Business class

calendar, and
contacts with a
2 GB inbox per user

Premium anti-malware protection and anti- spam filtering

Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) support for

POP support for email clients

Maximum folder hierarchy depth   Specifies the maximum number of levels in the folder hierarchy of a mailbox. The mailbox owner won’t be able to create another level in the folder hierarchy of the mailbox folder when this limit is reached.

This table covers off the differences between the Office 365 K1 and K2 (kiosk) plans:

As you can see the key difference between the K1 and K2 plans is that K2 users can edit documents with Office Web Apps, whereas K1 users can view only.

Thus if you consider the Kiosk plan, make sure you mail storage limit of 2G is acceptable, and make sure that users will access mail from mobile devices and online interface, or understand the sync limitations if they do plan to use Microsoft Outlook from a computer using POP3.


Exchange Online (план 1)

Exchange Online (план 2)

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