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Office 365 Exchange Online and Redirected Mailboxes

So a client I am working with was in the process of migrating to Office 365 Exchange Online. They have approximately 350 "mailboxes", and the reason I put mailboxes in quotes is that actually about 150 of those mailboxes are not actual mailboxes, but email addresses for their primary email domain that get redirected to another actual mailbox. What this company does is some outsourcing of resources (people) to other companies. These other companies provide a mailbox for the resources so they can be integrated into the contracting company’s messaging environment. And to avoid the resources from checking two different mailboxes, my client simply setup an email alias for the users and then setup forwarding of that address to the outsourced company mailbox. Simple enough and I’m sure a situation that many other companies have implemented. This situation saves money, licenses and storage costs.

So back to the issue, my client sees the benefit of cloud computing and has an overall goal of removing all servers from their infrastructure. Enter Office 365 and Exchange online for phase one. While Exchange online offers many different licensing levels, including the K plans for Kiosk workers as a lesser month fee, this did not solve the outsourced resource problem, as they would still have to pay for a mailbox that would not be utilized. Being an expert of Exchange on-premises, I knew how I would fix this situation, mailUser. If you are not familiar with this it differs from a mailbox user for an on-premises Exchange implementation in that the mailUser is more of a super contact entry. A way for an Active Directory account to have an email address associated with the company’s primary email domain but any email sent to said email address is it actually redirect to another external email address. This is what my client was looking for. This was easy to do with a standard K or E plan user within Exchange Online, but it required a monthly fee for the Exchange online mailbox. This was counterproductive to the TCO for a move to the cloud.

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The Exchange Online service offers a web based email and calendaring client through the university's Office 365 subscription called the Outlook Web App. If you have previous experience using Outlook, the new version will be familiar. For users newer to Outlook, we recommend visiting Microsoft's Getting Started guide for basic instructions.

Visit the Outlook Web App page for the full list of Email and Calendaring tutorials compiled by OIT for campus users.


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How do I configure my smartphone for Exchange Online Email?

"Remove-PsSession $session"

So after connecting to Remote PowerShell for Office 365 here are the commands to create a user with a delegated email mailbox:

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