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These limits are intended to limit mailboxes to known dimensions that can be supported in Exchange Online. The goal of these limits is to prevent an infinite number of mailbox items per folder, an infinite number of folders per mailbox, or an infinite number of public folders per Exchange Online organization. For practical purposes, mailbox folder limits are in effect unlimited and sufficient to support most Exchange Online mailboxes and on-premises mailboxes that are migrated to Exchange Online.

Applies to: Office 365

Also, archiving is NOT an option with ALL Office 365 subscriptions, so be sure to take a close look at your plan. The current strategy is that it is available as an add-on to some of the Office 365 subscriptions, but is included in the E3 and E4 level plans. Further detail on this can be found here

How to Get Started with Archiving in Exchange Online

So now that we’ve considered the many details on why we would use archiving, and the some of the technical considerations let’s take a look at what it means to enable this feature for your email within Exchange Online. There are a couple different ways to do this, and we will address both.
First, archiving can be enabled on a per user basis by logging into your Exchange Online subscription. The second option would be to enable archiving for all of your users. In both cases the simplest implementation approach would be through Exchange Management Shell.

Regardless of the approach you choose your administrator must have Organization Management and Recipient Management permissions to enable archiving for a user. For more information on permissions see the following article. Once this is in place you will be on your way to configuring this for your users.

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Warning for number of subfolders per mailbox folder   Specifies the number of subfolders that can be created in a mailbox folder before Exchange Online sends a warning message to the mailbox owner. When this quota is reached, warning messages are sent once a day.

Microsoft offers the Office 365 Onboarding benefit for eligible services in eligible plans. The Onboarding benefit lets you work remotely with Microsoft specialists to get your Office 365 environment ready for use. For more information, see FastTrack Center Benefit for Office 365.

  • See below to visually verify that the In-Place Archive has been created

Mailbox Get-Mailbox > / New-Mailbox > / Set-Mailbox > / Remove-Mailbox >

MailContact Get-MailContact > / New-MailContact > / Set-MailContact > / Remove-MailContact >

DistributionGroup Get-DistributionGroup > / New-DistributionGroup > / Set-DistributionGroup > / Remove-DistributionGroup > / Get-DistributionGroupMember > / Add-DistributionGroupMember > / Remove-DistributionGroupMember > / Update-DistributionGroupMember >

ExchangeCertificate Get-ExchangeCertificate > / New-ExchangeCertificate > / Enable-ExchangeCertificate > / Export-ExchangeCertificate > / Import-ExchangeCertificate > / Remove-ExchangeCertificate >

Подсказка: разделы документации по командлетам Exchange перечисляют все параметры командлетов, включая их тип и обязательность. Чтобы получить список всех параметров командлета в командной строке, используйте следующую команду:
(Get-Command <cmdlet>).Parameters

Maximum number of subfolders per public folder   Specifies the maximum number of subfolders that can be created in a public folder. New subfolders can’t be created in a public folder when this limit is reached.

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