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Office 365 vs Hosted Exchange

There are substantial differences between the features, reliability, and security of each host.

We cannot compare Office 365 to the thousands of hosted Exchange and SharePoint providers in the market, nor would it be fair to compare Office 365 to a large third party provider and assume they are one in the same.

Instead, this post will examine one key difference that is known between Office 365 and all other providers. It will also address questions you should ask any third party hosting provider to accurately compare their solution to Office 365.

Simple, it’s Microsoft. Microsoft designed, developed, and distributed the software. There are many providers that have hosted these products successfully, but they are not the developers of the products they host. Why is this important?

There are three basic steps for connecting to Exchange Online with PowerShell, and you’ll find these in official help documentation on TechNet as well as on many blogs. The steps are:

Идентификатор пользователя должен выглядеть как адрес электронной почты, например [email protected] или [email protected]

Этот идентификатор пользователя недопустим.

Exchange Online provides an ample 25 GB storage for each registered user’s mailbox. Users can send messages up to 25 MB, which is important when sending rich-media file attachments like .pdfs or image files.

There’s also an archiving feature that supports retention and compliance rules for corporate environments -- though it’s not without its drawbacks. “It’s not a perfect archive because it’s not available offline,” said Sean Evans, Exchange lead at Blue Chip Consulting. “So unless you’re connected via Outlook Web App, you can’t get to the archive.”

  • Ежемесячный платеж – оплата за пользователя выполняется каждый месяц, ее можно отменить в любое время.

  • Ежегодный платеж (платеж с годовым обязательством) – заказчик регистрирует годовую подписку и вносит оплату за пользователя на весь год. Для этого варианта оплаты действуют скидки.

For users setting up an Exchange Online account with a mail client, refer to the following tutorials:

Здесь необходимо указать:
Полное доменное именя (Fully-qualified domain name) - адрес сервера SharePoint (вероятно он будет прописан автоматически)
Промежуточный узел (Smart host) - адрес исходящего SMTP сервера Exchange Online

Далее в целях безопасности и защиты от возможных спам атак на наш почтовый сервер, укажем кто может к нему обращаться. Переходим на вкладку

и нажимаем кнопку

Т.к. в нашем случае SMTP и SharePoint находятся на одной машине, то устанавливаем параметр

и добавляем IP адреса - и 192.168.х.х (адрес текущего сервера):

Нажимаем Ок и в той же вкладке переходим по кнопке

  • Exchange Online Protection (EOP) EOP replaces Forefront Online Protection (FOPE) and is just like with FOPE and EOP instance is automatically associated with a tenant. EOP is used to protect your organization from viruses, spam, phishing scams, and policy violations. In addition, EOP is used to control routing between the Internet, Exchange Online and your on-premises mail environment.
  • Outlook Web App (OWA) Once again OWA has been getting a serious facelift and has now been developed with touch in mind. OWA 2013 also provides users with so called OWA apps and connects much better with your social networks.

Figure 2:
Outlook Web App (OWA)

  • Reporting The reporting feature in Office 365 have been heavily improved. We can now view information mailboxes and groups in your organization, spam and malware sent to and from your organization, and the total volume of mail sent to and from your organization, rules that affected mail sent to and from your organization, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies and rules that affected mail sent to and from your organization.

To set all mailboxes to use the online archive, use this format:
Get-Mailbox | Enable-Mailbox –Archive

To enable the archive only on usermailboxes, use
Get-Mailbox -ResultSize unlimited -Filter {(RecipientTypeDetails -eq 'UserMailbox')} | Enable-Mailbox –Archive

Помимо FastTrack, соответствующие требованиям клиенты, которые внедряют Office 365, в течение ограниченного периода могут получить дополнительную поддержку либо запросить компенсацию за услуги поддержки для своего партнера в области ИТ.

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